The following is a list of exciting programs that the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute offers in the academic year.

China Study Trip

TSU students will have the opportunity to spend two-three weeks in China this summer to practice their language skills and participate in sightseeing activities. They will experience firsthand all the diversity that China has to offer, including the traditional landmarks of the past and the contemporary landscapes of the future. The Confucius Institute will offer financial support for students selected for the summer trip. For more details, please see the following webpage:

China Study Trip

Chinese Language Courses

We offer Elementary Chinese I courses to all students interested in learning and applying Mandarin Chinese. The introductory courses focus on speaking and listening skills and help students grasp basic pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Elementary Chinese II provides more advanced levels of conversation and character recognition in the Chinese language. For more details, please visit our Courses for Fall 2015 page.

China Lecture Series

This is an open forum consisting of scholars, faculty members, and students designed to encourage discussion about diverse topics in research on China. Speakers include scholars specializing in different facets of Chinese studies, including its representation in media in the United States as well as the overlaps between Chinese philosophy and African American philosophy.

China Business Internship and Mentorship Program

Students who are chosen for the program will interact with local Asian businesses. They will intern and receive mentoring at the businesses once or twice a month in order to develop valuable skills and networking opportunities for possible future employment. The purpose of the program is to connect students with employers, provide them training and education, and equip them with the skills necessary for global leadership.

China Club

China Club members will help Confucius Institute administration in the areas of recruitment, publicity, and encouraging fellow TSU students to join and attend all Confucius Institute events. The China Club is open to all past, current, and future TSU students.

Chinese Movie Nights

Students will be invited by Confucius Institute in partnership with various student organizations to come and enjoy Chinese culturals films and documentaries or films that highlight Chinese and African American collaboration. Movie nights are part of outreach efforts to the student community to foster dialogue among students about Chinese culture and its overlap with African American history and culture. Food and refreshments are usually provided to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere.