Texas Southern University Confucius Institute’s teaching site-— Houston Dragon Academy has successfully held the Chinese National HSK Test

April 22nd , 2018

On April 22, 2018, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute (TSUCI) successfully held the fifth National HSK test ( Chinese proficiency test ). All the teachers and volunteers of TSUCI were under the organization and guidance of Prof. Yi Xiao, the dean of TSUCI and went over the Handbook of Management of the HSK. It is the first time setting up an examination room under the assistance of all the teachers of the Houston Dragon Academy(HDA) . A total number of 43 students took the test in the HDA examination room. Four students took the HSK level 1, 13 students took the HSK level 2, 25 students took the HSK level 3, and one took the HSK level 4 in the afternoon. It is also the first time for the examination to be a paper-based test. It is an important achievement in the HSK promotion.

Beginning in February 2018, the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute collaborated with HDA promoting and popularizing the HSK test and introduced the National HSK to the students' parents. Parents highly praised the patience and meticulous work of the Confucius Institute.On March 19, 2018, Chinese volunteers Wang Yu, Li Zhuo and Jin Zhi trained every student who signed up for the exam. The training content mainly involve the following three aspects: getting familiar with test question types , test time, and practicing answering questions. After a month of pre-examination training, the students had a more comprehensive understanding and mastery of the HSK test and a significant increase in the level of Chinese.

April 21, in the afternoon, Prof. Yi , principal of HAD Wang Rong and the Confucius Institute volunteer teachers Li Zhuo, Zhou Zhen, Zhang Heng, Xie Chengzhu, Luo Heming, Xiao Yuyan, Zeng Yuanman and Liu Xiangping prepared for HSK pen and paper test . All of them conducted a careful and comprehensive examination of the exam room to ensure that the tables and chairs of the examination room are correctly placed and numbered as well as candidates' bar codes, demonstratives outside the examination room

The successful outcome of the HSK test at the Dragon Examination Center is inseparable from the guidance of the leaders of the Confucius Institute. It is inseparable from the efforts of every Confucius Institute teacher and volunteer. From the month before the exam, the Confucius Institute volunteers Li Zhuo, Wang Yu and Jin Zhi were responsible for professional guidance for each candidate of Longxue; they studied the examination rules and trained the examiners. Dean Yi Xiao personally patiently guided the examination room; before the exam, all the volunteers had the opportunity to arrange tables and chairs in the examination room, prepare the examination equipment, print the admission ticket, repeatedly confirm the audio equipment in the examination room, and sort and classify the examination paper after examination. Conscientiously and meticulously every member of the Confucius Institute. Chinese language promotion is the primary mission of Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University. Among them, promotion and promotion of HSK is an important means and approach. We will uphold a virtuous cycle of development, study, and examination. On the one hand, we will actively carry out local teaching. The cooperation between the points will be achieved by point-to-face leaps, and the service communication will be done seriously. On the other hand, the number and quality of examinees at each test center will be improved, and the publicity will be further strengthened to actively conduct the pre-examination training and counseling work. . Thousands of miles start from the beginning, look forward to the future, look forward to more brilliant TSU Confucius Institute!