Texas Southern University Confucius Institute accepts "Real World, Real Talk Radio" interview in Houston

April 18th , 2018

At 5pm on April 18th, 2018, the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute accepted an interview with Real World, Real Talk Radio, a local radio program in the United States. In this interview, Dr. Roger Hart, Dean of the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute , Prof. Yi Xiao, Chinese Dean, Chinese Volunteers Li Zhuo, Wang Yu, and Zhang Heng, Craig Mitchell, Chinese students from the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, Co-teaching Teacher Zhang Ling,( Chinese teacher at the Rhodes School of Living Word, Houston Teacher of the Chinese Language Program of the Educational School District) and two Chinese students Hilton and Christopher of the Happy Chinese Class at the Cooperative Teaching Weekend.

Real World , Real Talk Radio is a very influential talk radio show in the African American community in Houston. The program will be broadcast on time at KTSU 90.9FM from 6pm to 7pm on local time every Sunday. The contents are about local, national, and international news events. Topics covered health, education, and politics.

Dr. D. Z. Cofield is the host of the "Real World, Real Talk" program. Dr. Coffield grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and traveled to many countries in the world. In 1994, Dr. Covefield became a senior pastor of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church and had very significant social influence in the African-American community. He also serves as CEO of the Hope Educational District. Dr. Covefield grew up in a diverse New York community and knows the profound impact of language on the young generation of African-Americans. With his support, he founded the Chinese Immersion Kindergarten and the Chinese Immersed Elementary and Junior High School. Under his leadership, the Chinese project has invested a lot of financial support, personally recruiting local teachers, and encouraging schools and teachers to conduct extensive cooperation with Confucius Institutes. Under his leadership, it is hoped that the Chinese teaching in the students of the two schools in the Education District will flourish and students will win awards in the Chinese competition.

The interview went very smoothly. During the full hour interview, Dr. Cofield asked about the latest progress of the Chinese program at the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute , learned about local Chinese teaching in Houston, and introduced the Texas Southern University. Confucius Institute and the Barbara Jordan International Preschool founded the 2018 Chinese summer camp idea and teaching plan.At the beginning of the interview, Dr. Covefield first invited Dr. Roger Hart, the dean of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute , to introduce the history of the Confucius Institute and the Chinese language project. Dr. Roger Hart said that the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute is the only Confucius Institute in the downtown area of Houston. At present, Confucius Institute provides Chinese students with credit courses and Chinese Studies minors at Texas Southern University . President Luo further added that the world in the 21st century is a world of economic and political globalization. The establishment of such a curriculum system at Texas Southern University is also aimed at cultivating students at Texas Southern University to become a 21st Century Globalist. The economic and development talents make students at Texas Southern University more competitive in the future world. President Roger Hart took the example of a student who participated in the Summer Camp of the Confucius Institute at the Southern University of Texas in summer. He explained that it is understood that some college students at Texas Southern University may never have been there. Some countries may never have left Texas, and some have never even left Houston. The summer camp program of the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University helped these students to leave the country. They first took a plane and sat in China. In international aviation, the first stop in China is Beijing. For the first time, taking a high-speed train to Shanghai, these extraordinary experiences have opened their horizons and even changed the fate of some of their students.

At the end of the interview, President Roger Hart stated that the two priorities of Confucius Institute's future work will continue to be to provide college students at Texas Southern University with more opportunities for language learning and cultural understanding. Excellent international work opportunities. At the same time, the Confucius Institute will continue to seek opportunities for development of Confucius Classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Houston and African-American communities so that more children can learn language, understand the world, understand different cultures, and become leaders of the 21st century. character