TSUCI successfully held the second “Confucius Institute Cup” Chinese Proficiency Competition

April 10th , 2018

Based on the successful experience and extraordinary response of the first "Confucius Institute Cup" Chinese Proficiency competition held in 2017, as well as the results of Chinese teaching in various major cooperative teaching sites, and also to select the best Chinese students, representing TSUCI to participate in the 17th “Chinese Bridge” preliminaries in the South American area and to fight for greater honour. On the morning of April 10, local time, TSUCI successfully hosted the second “Confucius Cup” Chinese Proficiency Competition.

Thomas F. Freeman Honors College of Texas Southern University is the best college at Texas Southern University, where the best students are gathered. Founded in 2009, the Honors College is known as the "First Class College of Higher Education" and is the "cradle of talented scholars." Dr. Dianne Jemison Pollard, the current dean of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College , is a council advisor to the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute and a member of the Academic Committee of the China Research Center.

TSUCI has developed 10 teaching sites in cooperation: Ball High School, Parker Elementary School, Barbra Jordan International School, and Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School, The Rhodes School of Living Word, Top Star Academy, Houston Dragon Academy, Greg Elementary School, Talent Academy and Happy Weekend Chinese. The competition is aimed at students of Chinese language classes at TSU and students of the Cooperative Teaching sites. The purpose is to provide a platform for students of cooperative teaching to display the achievements of Chinese learning, and to select the best Chinese students to attend the "Chinese Bridge" in South America as a representative.

The "Confucius Institute Cup" Chinese Proficiency Competition received strong support from Dr. Roger Hart, the director of TSUCI, who visited the event to encourage students. It was honored to invite Deng Runjing, the deputy director of the South American International TV Station, and Ms. Dong Siqi, the famous broadcast artist, as the judges. Confucius Institute Headquarters teacher Li Ming, an American volunteer management teacher, was a special guest.The competitors were divided into two groups: College Group and Elementary School Group. Thirteen students are from Texas Southern University and Happy Weekend Chinese. After two minutes of Chinese speeches, participating students performed Chinese talent show. The judges respectively scored the Chinese level of the participating students and the Chinese talent level, and finally selected the first, second and third prizes according to the scores.The Chinese students haven’t learn Chinese for long, ranging from three months to seven months. They expressed their love of Chinese and their yearning for China in Chinese, and also demonstrated their talents in China.At the end of the event, the students, parents and teachers took photos in a lively and cheerful atmosphere. At this time, the "Chinese Proficiency Competition" successfully ended.In this "Chinese Proficiency Competition", the participating students, parents, instructors and guests of the judges are all delighted. The atmosphere of the event is pleasing. The Chinese teachers at TSUCI are also deeply involved. They not only provided the Chinese students with a stage to display Chinese learning achievements, but also provide a space for learning exchanges. The activity has accumulated successful experience for TSUCI.