The Texas Southern University Confucius Institute attended the Chinese Culture Salon hosted by the Talent academy - Huaijin Guo ‘s Guqin appreciation

March 31st , 2018

In the afternoon of March 31, 2018, Dean Yi Xiao of the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute took part in the Guqin appreciation of Huaijin Guo, the Chinese culture salon hosted by the Talent academy. The Cultural Salon is divided into three parts. The first part is played by the Guqin master Guo Huaijin for everyone and the second part is performed by Xie Chengzhu from Texas Southern University CI. The third part is performed by photographer Jia Zhong. The teacher performed tea performance for everyone. Ms. Yu Xiaochun, Principal of Talent Academy who arranged an elegant environment and served as the host of Sharon. The cultural salon performed well and received strong response. After the event, guests did not want to leave after a long time.

When we entered the new campus of the Talent Academy and came to the Cultural Salon, we were greeted with exquisite snacks and fruit. The first part of the activity, teacher Guo Huaijin introduced to everyone the playing characteristics of the guqin. Afterwards, teacher Guo Huaijin played famous songs such as “The Water”. The guests were all quietly savoring the heartbeat and forgetting themselves and their time. In the second part of the activity, Xie Chengzhu, a volunteer teacher from the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University introduced the origin, shape, and characteristics of Ukulele. She sang two songs for everyone - - "riptide" and "meaning of travel." In the third part of the activity, Jia Zhong performed tea performance for everyone. Jia Zhong teacher explained tea culture and tea customs for everyone. Everybody sat around Jia teacher and tried tea

The Talent Academy is a language school for full-time children's Chinese education. With the efforts of Dean Yi Xiao of the TSU Confucius Institute and Yu Xiaochun, Principal of Talent Academy . The two sides reached a cooperation in Chinese teaching. Talent Academy will become a collaborative teaching site for Texas Southern University Confucius Institute.