Texas Southern University’s “China Research Center”unveiled the nameplate at Houston

March 28th , 2018

With the rapid development of China, the United States has become an important partner of China. China and the United States are two important countries that promote the mutual understanding and integration of Eastern and Western civilizations. With the process of globalization, China and the United States have formed a community of mutual benefits. In order to promote the in-depth cooperation between academics and cultures of the two countries. The “China Research Center” of Texas Southern University with the support of Hanban and Beijing Jiaotong University has unveiled it on March 28, 2018 at Texas Southern University in Houston, USA. A delegation from Beijing Jiaotong University and the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University attended the unveiling ceremony.

The “China Research Center” at Texas Southern University will work on issues related to Chinese history, culture, cities, and economic development from a global perspective. Through academic exchanges and cooperation, China and the United States will deepen their mutual understanding. The director of the research center is Roger Hart, professor of History at Texas Southern University and dean of Confucius Institute. Dr. Roger Hart is a famous sinologist who is proficient in Chinese and loves Chinese culture. He has long-term and in-depth study of Chinese history and ancient Chinese science and technology history. He introduced the opportunity for the establishment of the “China Research Center”, the focus of work, and the future project plan.

The research center of the “China Research Center” at Texas Southern University include Chinese History Studies, Chinese Language Studies, Economic Globalization Studies, Contemporary Chinese Urbanization Studies, Internet Information Technology Studies, and Sino-American Cultural Comparative Studies. In addition, they will also support the United States’ Scholars and research institutions have academic activities on China issues. At the unveiling ceremony, Dr. Roger Hart, Director of the Center, and Prof. Yi Xiao, Director of the Chinese Confucius Institute gave certificates to members of the Academic Committee of the China Research Center

Gregory H Maddox, International Director and Graduate Dean of Texas Southern University. Dianne Jemison Pollard, Dean of the Honor college. Merlin Pitre, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. Jason Oby the Assistant director , Head of Music. John H Williams, Dean of Business School and Maurice Odine, Dean of Communication college. The well-known Chinese professors of transportation in the United States Professor Lei Yu and Professor Fengxiang Qiao, attended the exchange.