TSUCI attended and participated Houston 2018 New Year Gala

March 3rd , 2018

March 3rd 2018, 20th Anniversary Houston China United Alumni Association Celebration and 2018 New Year's Eve Gala was held at University of Houston. It was hosted by Houston China United Alumni Association and co-sponsored by University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Houston Community University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Sun Yat-sen University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Southeast University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing Jiaotong University, Fudan University and 48 alumni associations, student unions and International Chinese Transportation Association. As one of the main forces in the Houston area to spread Chinese culture, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute was also invited to this gala to celebrate new year with Chinese.

At beginning, Mr. Wang Yu, the Chinese Consul General in Houston gave a speech. As a government official who has studied overseas, he totally understood overseas students, scholars and overseas Chinese. He thought that students and scholars having a such big united Alumni Association was not easy. Having this association can preserve the essence of Chinese culture as well as promote China and the United States exchanges and cooperation in culture, science, technology and education. He hoped that Chinese enhance friendship, support each other, help each other, and develop together to make a bigger progress in the next year.

Dr. Roger Hart, the foreign director in TSUCI and Professor Yi, the Chinese director in TSUCI were present and sent the new year wish to audience. Pic. Dr. Roger Hart, the foreign director in TSUCI and Professor Yi, the Chinese director in TSUCI sent the new year wish to audience.The first show was chorus Jasmine, a classic Chinese song with Erhu accompaniment by Chinese volunteer teacher Yishu Che from TUSCI. The gala started in melody of erhu. Texas Southern University Chinese Choir brought Jasmine in both Chinese and English. The familiar melody and their standard Chinese pronunciation seemed to brought audience home.

Pic. Texas Southern University Chinese Choir representing TSUCI sang Jasmine with Erhu accompaniment by Yishu Che.The second show was Race, a famous Erhu song brought by Chinese volunteer teacher Yishu Che. She demonstrated a picture with Erhu that the horse was running in the grassland. Pic. Chinese volunteer teacher Yishu Che was playing Race with Erhu.Besides the shows performed by Chinese, American students also prepared the their programs, Mouse loves rice, a Chinese song, and Our Boyfriend, a short sketch in Chinese. They succeed to amuse the audience and brought a lot of happiness. Pic. Foreign Director Dr. Roger Hart, Chinese Director Dr. Yi and Chinese teacher Lina Fa and Xiaobin HuPic. Chinese Volunteer Teacher Zhen Zhou, Zhuo Li, Yu Wang, Heng Zhang, Zhi Jin, Chengzhu Xie, Jing Wang.Overseas Chinese from different places gathered together in Houston. This party not only provided a platform to show Chinese talents but also tightened the bond between the Chinese overseas. Besides, foreign students brought their Chinese show, which indicated that Chinese is quite popular here, TSUCI has made a great progress in Chinese promotion. And TSUCI will continue to contribute to it.