The First Spring Festival Reception for Chinese Held by Texas Southern University Confucius Institute

February 14th , 2018

Feb. 14th 2018, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute held The First Spring Festival Reception for about 30 Chinese teachers and students at noon. Guests attending this reception are from transportation, chemistry, mathematics and computer science departments. They spent valuable time together and had a further knowledge about Texas Southern University Confucius Institute.

This reception started at 12:00 with a brief introduction of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute delivered by foreign director Dr. Roger Hart and Chinese director Professor Yi Xiao. They expressed their willingness to build Texas Southern University Confucius Institute into one of the complex and academic independent-style Confucius Institute with a basic functional Chinese and interdisciplinary academic research. Chinese teachers, Mrs. Fa and Mrs. Hu and Chinese volunteer teachers introduced the Chinese credit courses and cultural experience courses. Then Professor Yi had an introduction to the newly-estabilshed Center for China Studies. Center for China Studies was founded in Dec, 2017, devoting to studying China's history, culture, city and economic development from a global perspective to improve the mutual understanding between China and the United States and enhance the exchanges and friendship between the two peoples through Academic exchanges and cooperation. She also interpreted the research projects and annual events in2018 in details. At last, participants discussed the cooperation with Confucius Institutes in 2018 and shared experiences as well as exchange opinions. Professor Qiao Fengxiang from transportation department, TSU said although TSU Confucius Institute was founded 5 years ago, there were still some teachers and students not knowing it. He encouraged Confucius Institute to develop in both local cultural circles and Chinese community groups with the thoughts of “Going out and bringing in” and “mutual benefit and win-win situation”. Professor Qi Yi from transportation department expressed thankfulness and talked about her ideas for interdisciplinary academic project cooperation.

Texas Southern University is a famous HBCU with about 20 Chinese teachers in the departments of transportation, mathematics, engineering and so on which are advanced subjects in TSU.

The atmosphere of the reception was active. Participants appreciated and were proud of what Texas Southern University Confucius Institute have done for Chinese development in 2017. They wished TSU Confucius Institute a bright future.