TSUCI’s teaching site Top Star Academy held the 2018 New Year Chinese food and traditional cultural festival.

February 4th , 2018

Top Star Academy Is a nonprofit public school registered in the United States at Clear Lake City. Chinese course is the school's special subjects, it’s divided into three levels: pre-school, primary and secondary classes. With the active assistance of TSUCI, the 2018 New Year Chinese food and traditional cultural Festival was successfully held.

In order to let students and local people know our Spring Festival Chinese culture, Top Star Academy actively organizes a series of complete Spring Festival activities—New Year Food Fair and cultural performances. It's not only just students and parents, many local people are involved in the interaction. They are passionate about food and cultural performance. This event not only gives the students and the parents the chance to show their culinary skills and performance talent, but also presents an excellent opportunity of knowing the Chinese traditional culture of Spring Festival to local residents.

Prof. Yi. the Chinese dean of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, gave a talk about HSK at this cultural festival. Many parents showed their interest in HSK and consulted many exam-related questions. The Chinese volunteer teacher Qi Pengle led the students to draw panda with a Chinese calligraphy brush. The teacher Hu Xiaobin teached students to write their name and Chinese New Year greetings words with a Chinese calligraphy brush, which made many students feel wonderful about Chinese calligraphy and painting. Zhang Heng, a chinese volunteer teacher, led the students to experience traditional Chinese martial arts. At the same time, Fa lina, the chinese teacher from Confucius Institute, brought colorful face painting art to the students. The president of Top Star Academy, Zhu Jinyue always encouraged students to participate in various Chinese activities. She produced and starred in many literary programs. The cultural atmosphere of Chinese culture has profoundly influenced the students and their parents and local residents' understanding of Chinese culture, and is of great significance to development of Chinese language and promote Chinese culture.