The Record Of Enrollment in Chinese Course At TSU Breaks Four Consecutive Semesters

January 26, 2018

From the new semester’s beginning, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute has been actively cooperating with Texas Southern University enrolling students for courses offered at TSUCI. A series of recruiting activities have been launched for several weeks: From the brochures and online flyers posted throughout the campus. With the help of the office assistant Chambliss Bryant. Chinese volunteer teachers have set up the enrollment stations on the campus. Texas Southern University Confucius Institute made a breakthrough in the enrollment of this spring semester. In the end of the online course selection, the enrollment of Chinese credits courses has break the record four consecutive semesters.

Until today, the courses offered at Texas Southern University Confucius Institute have fallen into three main categories: Chinese credits courses, Chinese minor courses and cultural courses. What needs to mention is that TSUCI provide some Chinese cultural courses for free including Chinese Kungfu, Calligraphy and Handcraft.During the spring enrollment process, Chinese teachers and volunteers used Chinese summer camps to raise the students' enthusiasm for Chinese learning and provide valuable learning along with internship opportunities -China National Petroleum Corporation in Houston branch and go to China to teach English projects.

After one month of enrollment, Texas South University Confucius Institute is still willing to be consult by the students who have questions about China and the courses。It is learned that the Confucius Institute will also set up Confucius Institute Chinese Scholarships in the future and will provide students with job recommendations, job internships and benefits such as China Travel so that students will have more opportunities for development through learning Chinese.