TSUCI Actively Promotes HSK and Coaches

December 18, 2017

While developing Chinese language teaching, Confucius Institutes actively promotes HSK test and encourages local Chinese students to apply for the HSK test. Texas Southern University Confucius Institute visited HSK Chinese proficiency test several times at local schools and sent Chinese volunteer teachers to conduct HSK exam.

From October 29th to November 19th every Saturday morning, TSUCI’s Chinese volunteer teachers Zhuo Li and Yu Wang, will coach the students for HSK exams . Students said that although there was only four times for the exam coaching, it proved to be very effective. The students found deficiencies in the four aspects of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing; they solved their own problems through systematic exercises. During the process of coaching, the students were in high demand of improving their Chinese and actively interact with Chinese teachers

On November 16th and 18th, Prof. Yi gave a lecture on the HSK in the Chinese learning Institute Dragon Academy. The Chinese teachers and parents join this seminar in hopes of improving their children's Chinese level. After the HSK promoting and exam coaching, the students, parents, and teachers all indicated that the exam would have a positive effect on enhancing the interest of learning Chinese and making up for the lack of learning in Chinese. In December, TSUCI’s HSK test sites will have a total of 17 people enrolled in different levels of the HSK test. The TSU Confucius Institute sees the HSK test as a standardized test possessing the effect of "promoting learning by exams." Promoting the HSK in the United States is not only beneficial to students to enhance their interest in Chinese, but conducive to regulating local Chinese teaching and promoting Chinese.