TSUCI attends the International Cultural Festival

November 16, 2017

On November 15th and 16th, TSUCI was invited by the International Department of Texas Southern University to participate in the International Cultural Festival.On the 15th, TSUCI arranged the booth on the campus and put out the publicity material, and answered questions for teachers and students who asked beforehand. In addition, the event also cooperates with Xiaoxiong Sichuan Cuisine, a famous local restaurant in Houston, to provide exquisite traditional Chinese food for the event.

On the 16th, TSUCI held OPEN-HOUSE DAY. Chinese volunteer teachers from TSUCI introduced Confucius Institute’s Chinese courses to students and focused on the summer camp program of "China's trip." Subsequently, students who had been to China as Chinese language student representatives, Stephanie and Allen shared their visit to China. Among them, Stephanie, as a student representative who has been to China, shared with everyone the photos she took during the summer camp and said that what she saw was a very different country from what she had imagined before. China is a country full of surprises, and she wanted to have an opportunity to go to China again. Allen, on the other hand, strongly recommended Chinese food to everyone. He said that the food in China made him too delighted to leave.Finally, Dr. Roger Hart, the director of the TSUCI, delivered a speech entitled "China, Past and Future" to the students. He introduced China's past, present and future from the historical perspective with all kinds of professional data. He said that as the second largest economy after the United States, China is now likely to surpass the United States in the near future. China has been developing at a rapid rate. He holds a highly optimistic attitude toward the future development of China. He hopes that students will be able to skip the boundaries of the media and go to China in person to experience everything in China.

TSUCI organizes summer camping trips to China each summer. By the summer of 2017, a total of about 100 students had traveled to China to have a two-week cultural experience. This provides an excellent opportunity for students who take Chinese classes to learn about China.