TSUCI attended the 7th South East Community League Association

November 11, 2017

On November 11th, under the leadership of Professor Xiao Yi, the Chinese Director of the TSUCI, Chinese teacher Lina Fa and four Chinese volunteer teachers Zhuo Li and Yu Wang, attended the 7th South East Community League Association. This conference is hosted by the Confucius Institute at Xavier University in Louisiana.

At the conference, Yu Jiang, the foreign director of the Confucius Institute at Xavier University in Louisiana, presided over the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. Then all the participants took a group photo. Lectures can be divided into two types of theories and practices. Zhuo Li, a Chinese volunteer teacher from TSUCI, conducted a speech on the theme of “The Application of Theme-based Language Teaching in Aspect of Developing the Ability of Expressing in Paragraphs in Chinese”. She put forward the advantages of theme-based teaching mode which is consistent with the 5C standards of language learning. In her speech, she showed her teaching cases. After the meeting, there was a lively discussion in the hall, and the teachers at the meeting spoke highly of Zhuo Li 's speech.

The conference provided a platform for Chinese teachers in the southeastern United States to share resources, information and experiences. It also provided opportunities for Chinese teachers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The representatives of Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers from TSUCI shared their views on Chinese teaching at this conference, and also gained new information and knowledge from other teachers' sharing and the discussions with other teachers.