The panda that brought joy and surprises to the primary school students affected by Hurricane Harvey- The Texas Southern University Confucius Institute was invited to attend the Kolter Elementary’s Open Day

September 25, 2017

The event took place on September 25th, Prof. Xiao Yi, the Chinese directer at TSUCI, and Chinese volunteer teachers Zhijie Ren and Yu Wang were invited to the Kolter Elementary, a school under HISD (Houston Independent School District), to attend the Open Day.

Due to the serious affects of hurricane Harvey and floods, Kolter Elementary had to postpone the opening day until September 25, was the last elementary school to start in the Houston area. The school year was extended for almost a month, students, parents and teachers were looking forward to the opening day. In order to encourage children in the first day of school, the school to renovated the classrooms this process only took one week to complete. Teachers also carefully arranged the classroom.

In order to surprise the students, Chinese teacher Wen Chen of Kolter Elementary School contact the TSUCI in advance, insisting that the volunteer teacher play the part of panda, so that disaster-affected children and families can harvest surprises and optimistic attitude.

Professor Xiao Yi and Chinese volunteer teachers Zhijie Ren, Yu Wang reach Kolter Elementary early. The volunteer teacher Zhijie Ren put on Panda costumes, waiting for the arrival of children. When the children found the panda, they all excitedly hugged the panda and took photos with him. Julie Dickinson, Principal of Kolter Elementary, and Chinese teacher Wen Chen expressed their heartfelt appreciation to TSUCI. After the activity, principal Julie Dickinson and Chinese teacher Wen Chen and other Kolter Elementary staff praised the effect of the activity, and took group photos with TSUCI’s directer, volunteer teacher Yu Wang and Zhijie Ren in Panda costume.