To Express TSUCI’s Point Of View In The Global Confucius Institute Conference

December 12, 2018

The 12th Global Confucius Institute Conference was held on the 12th in Xi'an, China. The theme for this year's conference is "to contribute to building a community of human destiny through cooperation and innovation." Nearly 2,500 people, including university presidents from more than 140 countries, deans of Confucius Institutes and representatives of language and cultural promotion agencies, conducted two-day discussions and exchanges at various thematic forums. The Chinese and foreign Deana of TSUCI attended the meeting.

At this conference, Dr. Roger Hart, Dean of TSUCI, made a keynote speech for the first time on behalf of TSUCI in South Texas. At the "Confucius Institute Performance Management" In the long forum, he expressed the necessity and urgency of performance management by proposing the theme of "Conservatism of performance management in Confucius Institutes" and put forward an objective and quantitative performance appraisal system and method which can make the management of Confucius Institute Follow, continuous improvement, can greatly improve work efficiency. On the other hand, all the work of the Confucius Institute can not be completely covered by the evaluation system. Some of the work can not be assessed in a quantitative way. Therefore, while managing the daily work of Confucius Institute through parameterization, we must also pay attention to the particularity of some aspects of work that need to be considered in other ways.

At the opening ceremony, Yandong Liu, the vice-premier of the State Council and chairman of the board of directors of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, pointed out: Since its establishing 13 years ago, with the efforts of both China and the United States, the Confucius Institute has persisted in building and sharing, boosting the friendship between China and other peoples and promoting the exchange of Chinese and foreign civilizations. Beijing Jiaotong University has actively participated in the construction of the Confucius Institute. At present, it has jointly established three Confucius Institutes and made contributions to promoting Chinese to the world, promoting Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship among peoples.