TSUCI Held The Final Chinese Cultural Experience Activity

December 08, 2018

On December 8, 2017, the last day of the fall semester at Texas Southern University, Houston ushered in a rare first snow. The campus was wrapped in silver, full of thick festive atmosphere. Under the auspices of the teacher Xiaobin Hu from the Confucius Institute, Chinese students conducted a happy end-of-period Chinese cultural experience in the office of Confucius Institute.

First of all, Mr. Hu conducted a tea ceremony demonstration. Mr. Hu first let students smell the fragrance of tea, then soak a pot of tea. The students held tea cups, savoring the delicate fragrance of tea. With the melodious Chinese classical music, the Confucius Institute Office was brought into the quiet ethereal atmosphere.

Subsequently, under the leadership of the volunteer teacher Yu Wang, a volunteer Chinese teacher, the Chinese students began to experience Chinese painting and calligraphy. The volunteer teacher first patiently taught the students the posture to hold a Chinese writing brush, giving a brief introduction of calligraphy writing habits and rules. Students tried to write words and expressions learned during the semester, such as numbers, "How are you", "I am a student" and so on. Finally, students studied and wrote "blessing" and "spring" to the volunteer teacher Yu Wang. Under the guidance of volunteer teachers, students gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Stephanie, a Chinese-language student who had been in touch with Chinese painting, volunteered to consult a volunteer teacher about Panda's painting. She was very surprised with the depth of Chinese ink painting. Under the guidance of the volunteer teachers, she completed her first Chinese panda painting. On the last day of the semester, Chinese class students spent a wonderful cultural experience in the Confucius Institute office. Many non-Chinese students are also attracted to this peaceful and pleasant atmosphere to experience and learn about Chinese from volunteer teachers. This semester has come to a successful conclusion and we will see you next semester