TSUCI Successfully Held The Last HSK Exam Of The Year

December 03, 2018

At 9:00 on December 3rd, TSUCI hold the last HSK test of this year. The total number of test candidates 17 people, since the application since the network test the largest number of candidates. Four students for HSK’s Level 1, eight students for Level 2, three students for Level 3, one student for Level 4 and one student for Level 6.

Before 8:30 am, candidates of level 2, level 4, and level 6 arrived at 302 office in succession. The younger candidates came accompanied by their parents and their Chinese teacher. The parents do not speak Chinese, but they have realized China is growing fast and the importance of Chinese. Therefore, they insist that their children learn Chinese and take their children to China during the holidays. It is worth mentioning that the two candidates at Level 4 and Level 6 are graduates of prestigious universities who use their own resources in their spare time to learn Chinese. They said that the Chinese language is not as difficult as what everyone said and it is also true that the Chinese saying goes: "Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it." They also said that they will work in China in the future. In the afternoon, the HSK exams of Level 1 and Level 3 were smoothly conducted at 1:30pm.

Under the leadership of Prof. Yi, the Chinese teachers and the Chinese volunteer teachers from TSUCI actively promote the HSK test. The Chinese volunteer teachers made use of their weekend break to go to the teaching spots for counseling. Two teaching spots have already made it clear that in next year's HSK test they will organize all the students to participate. The number of the candidates for one time next year will reach up to 200 people. In order to meet the needs of candidates for the Chinese test, TSUCI online test center applied for 6 exams in 2018. TSUCI welcomes more candidates to take the HSK test!