The Minor Student Michael Flores of TSUCI won the People To People Award

December 01, 2018

The People to People Award Gala was November 18th, 2017. This Gala was held by Confucius Institute U.S. Center and was to be held in honor of the recipients. These distinguished honorees hail from all corners of the United states and from Confucius Institutes. Each of the honorees is a member of each regions Confucius Institute. The reason of the award is to honor members of each C.I and their efforts in the Institution. Some are proud of their Chinese learning while many made strides to enrich their local community with Chinese Culture. The recipients helped build a bridge between China and the United States.

TSUCIS Award recipient was Michael Flores. He is a senior at Texas Southern University with a minor in Chinese studies. Mr. Flores primarily studied Mandarin in high school. Mr. Flores efforts in assisting the TSUCI got him recognition from the headquarters and was given an award for his work. Unfortunately, Mr. Flores was unable to attend the Gala but the Headquarters in Washington DC sent their condone lenses and forwarded his award as well as a letter created by Senator John Cornyn commending Mr. Flores for his efforts in bridging China and the United States and he is an honor as a Texan. The pictures of the letter and award were taken at TSUCI. The Chinese and Foreign Directors of TSUCI took pictures with him as well to commiserate his achievement.