The Sixteenth Great Houston Area Speech Contest

November 12, 2017

The Sixteenth Great Houston Area Speech Contest be hosted at Sharpstown International School on Nov 12nd. The competition was strongly supported by the Education Section of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and hosted by the Chinese Avtivity Center. The competition attracted more than 200 Chinese and non-Chinese students participating, Seven Chinese teachers from the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute take an active part in the game, and be a volunteer in this game.

The tradition of Chinese speech competitions in the Greate Houston area has been going on for more than a decade, and the number of participants covers the entire Greater Houston area. Participating students are not only Chinese students, but also many non-Chinese students to participate, which shows that the current enthusiasm of learning Chinese in Houston continues hot. The competition officially started from two o'clock in the afternoon, divided into ethnic Chinese groups: 5-7 years old group, 8--11 years old group, 12-18 years old group. The senior group is young people who have ever read Grade 4 or above in primary schools in China. Non-Chinese students are divided into three groups: primary school group, junior high school group and adult group. Participants can decide the topic by themselves, supposed to be persuasive and contagious.

The speech contest judges be composed of the Chinese language and literature professional experts, our school’s teacher Hu Xiaobin in it. Competition will be based on phonetic standards, expression, highlighting the theme and the appearance of the instrument. First, second and third prize winners will receive awards, trophies, bonuses, and honorable mention winners will receive trophies, certificates. Volunteer teachers arrived at Sharpstown International School at ten o'clock in the morning, they help to arrange the site and prepare materials. then Volunteer teachers led a specific group, start from the registration, guide the entire team to the classroom, and then sent back to their parents around, the whole process to guide them to complete the game. Meanwhile, Fanny and Revan, two Chinese students from TSU Chinese classes, won the honorable mention Award for Non-Chinese Adults in this speech contest.

Learning Chinese in the Houston area has always been multi-focused and supported, and the atmosphere for learning Chinese is popular. The Texas Southern University Confucius Institute also been devoting itself to the promotion Chinese. The Chinese language classes which co-operating with Confucius Institutes are gradually expanding. In this large-scale competition, the teachers of our college are deeply involved in this event. From the specific service of activities to the judges of the competition, the excellent experience of this activity has been thoroughly studied, so heilpful to promote the future Cultural activities and promote Chinese.