Come and Look at the Chinese Volunteer Teacher Yuhang Zhang’s Martial Arts Class

November 8, 2017

The Rhodes School for Performing Arts-NW - The Living Word campus is where Chinese volunteer teachers Xian Zhao and Yuhang Zhang are teaching. Here, it is not only a vivid Chinese class that attracts students, but also a highlight of Chinese teaching and cultural promotion.

Chinese Martial Art is a world-renowned Chinese traditional culture with a long history. In the process of overseas Chinese teaching and cultural communication, as a typical representative and an important carrier, Chinese Martial Art has become the symbol and a window for people of all countries in the world to understand Chinese excellent traditional culture. Chinese volunteer teachers shoulder the mission of spreading Chinese culture

The Chinese volunteer teacher Yuhang Zhang comes from the hometown of Tai Chi - Chenjiagou. In addition, Yuhang Zhang is very dedicated and responsible. He will always prepare the Chinese Martial Art class in advance.

Michelle Bonton, the founder of the school, said: "I am very happy to work with Confucius Institutes and will not only allow students to learn the language but also understand Chinese martial arts." In addition, she is looking forward to working with TSUCI for a long-term cooperation and having more Chinese volunteer teachers in the future.