The Chinese Class We Designed

November 1, 2017

On November 1st, at Rhodes School for Performing Arts-NW; the school along with TSUCI held a captivating event for the local students.

Most of the students are young-Americans. This is the programs first year of having a Chinese related course. The school's founder, Michelle Bonton, is working with TSUCI. TSUCI sent two volunteer Chinese teachers to be pioneers at the same time.

While teaching some words, Chinese volunteer teacher Xian Zhao made full use of the "Total Physical Response", so that children can "move" in the classroom. The use of these Chinese teaching knowledge makes the Chinese class lively and happy. Students were are also entertained.

The volunteer teacher Xian Zhao pays her own efforts and wisdom in the promotion of Rhodes School for Performing Arts-NW’s Chinese teaching, which shows the Chinese volunteers’ look and style. Texas Southern University Confucius Institute attaches great importance to the development of Chinese teaching in the area, which not only speeds up the promotion of Chinese in Houston, but also ensures that student can have excellent Chinese teaching in every teaching spot. As a Chinese volunteer teacher, Zhao Xian not only represents her own image as a Chinese teacher in Rhodes School for Performing Arts-NW, but also represents the volunteers of all Chinese teachers in TSUCI! We wish our "Chinese fever" can be like the fiery Houston, continuing popular!