Texas Southern University Confucius Institute Successfully Held the First Volunteer Photography Competition and Photo Exhibition

October 17, 2017

On October 17 TSUCI held their first ever photograph contest. This event was held at Texas Southern University. TSUCI invited the famous photographer Zhong Jia, the famous painter Yaowu Zhang were the judges.

This photo competition aims to reflect the work and life of the Chinese volunteer teachers in the United States. This was done to record the footprint and story of volunteers in teaching Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture. It tells the story of volunteers who are fighting for their dreams. 17 volunteers from across the Confucius Institute at the TSU. They have shared their wonderful experiences in teaching life, actively participated in the competition and submitted more than 40 works. The works were initially screened according to the theme and framing composition. A total of 17 works were selected to display in the exhibition

The judges of the competition awarded certificates. Zhong Jia presented a masterpiece of photography to the Confucius Institute. He wished the volunteer teachers of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute to improve the aesthetic sense and take more beautiful photos.