Mid-Autumn Festival Activity was successfully held in Mandarin Immersion Magnet School

October 6, 2017

Oct 6th, the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute in partnership with Houston Independent School District (HISD) Chinese Mandarin Magnet School launched a series of fantastic activities during this years Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Chinese School is a focul point for the Chinese language teacher, Yin Ying and Qi Pengle. The Texas Southern University Confucious instatute is the first of its kind to intergrate this immersion program. The 50/50 method has proved quite useful in intergrating Chinese to american students and cross culutral-compentency

The festival covered the national dance performances, singing and dancing, making lanterns and calligraphy, paper cutting and a series of experience activities. . Finally, the headmaster of the Chinese Immersion School, Mr. Chao Lin Chang, recruited the best performance and awarded prizes to the students. In addition to performances, there are a variety of Chinese cultural experience activities, attract people to stop watching and experience.

The Dean of TSU Confucius Institute and secretary from the Houston Independent School District Chinese Immersion School Teaching Point Chinese Teacher Volunteer Qi Pengle, Yin Ying actively involved in the organization. The school has nearly 200 teachers and students to participate in the activities of the parents. Chinese culture activities, showing the Confucius Institute of the TSU for Chinese language teaching, Chinese Culture Communication (Chinese Language and Culture).

Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University attaches great importance to the quality of Chinese teaching at the teaching point where volunteers are located and the development of cultural activities. Therefore, we have organized various teacher training and Chinese teaching experience sharing activities. Chinese volunteer teachers in the Confucius Institute at the TSU organized by the teacher training, Chinese teaching experience sharing and other activities, the teaching point has been more calm and confident to carry out Chinese teaching and cultural activities.