Tianjin Traditonal Chinese Orchestra Successfully Hosted in Houston Disaster Relief Charity Show—Volunteer of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute Acted as Host and Translator

September 24, 2017

On the evening of September 24th, the charity and charity performances jointly sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and the Asian Association of Texas Center were successfully held. Local dignitaries and cultural, educational, and business representatives of more than 200 people came to watch this show. Consul General Li Qiangmin, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, and Bonna Kol, President of the Asian Association of Texas, attended the event. Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, the largest Confucius Institute in the southern United States, was also invited to participate in the event. The Chinese volunteer teacher, Li Zhuo, took full commitment to the activities of the host and translation work.

In his speech, President Li Qiangmin said that the Tianjin Traditonal Chinese Orchestra's performance in the United States will help spread the traditional Chinese culture and enhance the feelings of the people of China and the United States, and also convey the people of Tianjin to Houstonians who suffered from Hurricane Harvey. The Chinese Consulate General of Houston donated food and supplies for the charity show, and the guests who watched the show also donated their donations and hoped that the people of Houston would return to normal life as soon as possible.

Tianjin folk music orchestra in the performance of the repertoire were carefully arranged, such as large-scale national orchestral ensemble "Festival", suona solo "Bird Paying Homage to the Phoenix", Jing Hu solo "Deep Night", a plucked string music ensemble "Liuyang River", flute solo "Journey to Suzhou", percussion ensemble" Mice Wedding ", and so on, performing a variety of forms. Performances were brilliant, fully demonstrating the characteristics of Chinese folk music. At the end of each track, the audience reacted with a warm applause.

In the end of the performance, the folk Orchestra combined Chinese and Western styles. The orchestra used Chinese national musical instruments to play a few American classic songs known as "Suzanne" and "Jingle Bells." The audience could not help but join in on the music, singing the songs in harmony. After the end of the show, all of the audience got up and gave a huge applause. Once again, the wonderful performances of the evening were greeted with a warm applause, and highly praised.

Texas Southern University Confucius Institute not only attaches importance to the local Chinese teachings, but also shoulders the important task of spreading Chinese culture. As long as the Chinese and Chinese culture continues to contribute to spreading awareness of its existence, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers will work hard to ensure that it does not stray from its path!