Here comes a Chinese Dragon!——Texas Southern University Confucius Institutes paticipated Homecoming Festival

October 13&14, 2017

It was the first time that Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University had participated in the annual Homecoming event from the 12th to 13th of October. The 12th event was held in a large market within the campus. Volunteer teachers at the exhibition hall arranged ornate Chinese items. The volunteers also prepared fried rice, Zuozongtang chicken, broccoli and other Chinese food. The volunteer teachers also prepared Chinese knots, lanterns, Chinese dragons and other Chinese traditional elements.

Yard Festival

On October 12th, the campus of the Southern University of Texas was crowded. The school community were in their respective booths. Chinese traditional handicraft booths of Constitute Institute were also eye-catching.

Homecoming Parade

At the end of the festival, volunteer teachers randomly rushed to another venue to arrange floats, to prepare for the parade for the next day. With the help of Chinese club members Raven and Stephanie, volunteer teachers play a creative basis on the basis of traditional American floats, transforming an ordinary pickup truck into one that meets both the University of Texas campus and the Chinese elements and the rich Chinese Wind parade floats.

Volunteer teachers said it was a very successful activity. The teachers, students and the surrounding residents of the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University are very warm and friendly. With the Confucius Institute continuing holding new large-scale activities, more and more people are having contact with Confucius Institute, and with a more in-depth understanding. An increasing number of people are taking the initiative to use Chinese to greet and chat with the volunteer teachers.