TSU Confucius Institute Open Day and the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration activities

October 2, 2017

Local time on October the 2nd, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute(TSUCI) successfully aheld the global "Confucius Institute Open Day" series of activities. On accounting of the China’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, TSUCI eventually decided the theme as "Confucius Institute Open Day and the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival", celebrating Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. TSUCI's teachers popularize Confucius and Confucius Institute, National Day and the traditional festivals of the relevant knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Dr. Roger Hart, the foreign director of TSUCI, Prof. Yi Xiao, the Chinese director of TSUCI, Prof. Xiaobin Hu, lina Fa and Chinese Volunteer Teachers Yabao Wang, Yawen Cao, Zhijie Ren, Chenxi Du, Zhen Zhou, Zhuo Li, Yu Wang, Heng Zhang well planned the "Confucius Institute open day and the National Day celebration" activities. Five volunteers from the teaching schools Pengle Qi, Yuyan Xiao, Han Li, Xian Zhao, Yuhang Zhang, Heming Luo also came to the scene to help. All the staff dressed to attend. Dressed in cheongsam, Han Chinese clothing becoming a beautiful landscape on the TSU campus. More than 300 college teachers students and staffs participated in the carnival.

The activity started at 11 o'clock and ended at 1:30 pm. The activity is divided into two parts: the first part is that Chinese club members of TSU and the Confucius Institute volunteer teachers do the dragon dance, play the drums and act the panda in front of the Student Centre. The second part of the game is that the scene has a theme Q & A, clay sculpture, Chinese calligraphy, turn the plate to speak Chinese, prizes ringtoss, tasting Chinese food and moon cake and other booths. Each booth is held by a volunteer teacher and a member of the Chinese Club. Every teacher and student participating in the activities gets a set of chapter card, and then free to choose the booth. Whenever finished a task, he can get a stamp. After collecting all the stamps, he can taste the Chinese food and moon cake. During the activity, the sudden drop of rain did not resist the enthusiasm of teachers and students. In front of the booth was crowd, participants itched to try. American Chinese Television’s reporter interviewed the Chinese and foreign directors, volunteer teacher representative and students participating in the activities. The grand occasion of this activity was reported.

Teachers and students of TSU have deeper understanding of TSU Confucius Institute through the success of this celebration. The teachers and students who came to experience the Chinese culture in the activity have expressed a new understanding of China, and showed a strong interest in the Chinese traditional culture. The influence of TSU Confucius Institute is raised step by step. An increasing number of people begin to understand Confucius Institute at the Texas Southern University, and fall in love with Chinese and Chinese culture. TSU Confucius Institute plans to elaborate every cultural activity, so that the beautiful Chinese Flower is blooming in the Houston area!

Finally, wish you a happy National Day and reunion in Mid-Autumn Festival !