The School season has begun! Texas Southern University Confucius Institute ended successfully its enrolment for Chinese courses

September 17, 2017

From mid-August, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute has been actively cooperating with Texas Southern University enrolling students for courses offered at TSUCI. A series of recruiting activities have been launched for several weeks: From the brochures and online flyers posted throughout the campus. With the help of an office assistant Chambliss Bryant and Secretary Martha Brady. Coordinator Dr. Roger Hart, a professor of Chinese History in the History department at Texas Southern University.Chinese volunteer teachers have set up the enrollment stations on the campus. Although under the impact of Harvey hurricane during the enrollment, through unremitting efforts and persistence of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute Chinese and foreign staff, distinguished Chinese teachers and volunteers, Texas Southern University Confucius Insti-tute still made a breakthrough in the enrollment of this fall semester. In the end of the online course selection, the enrollment of Chinese credits courses has increased by15% compared to last year.

Until today, the courses offered at Texas Southern University Confucius Institute have fallen into three main categories: Chinese credits courses, Chinese minor courses and cultural courses. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese minor course is a major innovation for this fall semester, in order to meet the Chinese history requirements, which is taught by Professor Dr. Roger Hart who is also the dean of the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute. Once Chinese 131 is completed the students may then register for the Chinese minor. In order to meet the different needs of the students, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute try their best to launch Chinese curriculum from basic level to advanced level In addition, we have added table tennis, badminton to our cultural classes.

Since mid-August, the Chinese volunteer teachers insisted on staying at the student center every day, from Monday to Friday from 11:00 pm to 3:00 pm, students will continue to consult our Chinese volunteer teachers, and accordingly they would an-swer them patiently. In addition, professor Hu and professor Fa provided one-on-one pre-class instruction for the students who are interested in our Chinese classes. All of the Chinese volunteer teachers have provided free cultural classes to accommo-date more college students. During the fall enrollment process, Chinese teachers and volunteers used Chinese summer camps to improve students' enthusiasm for Chinese learning and provide valuable learning along with internship opportunities -China National Petroleum Corporation in Houston branch and go to China to teach English projects. The breakthrough in the number of students enrolled in Chinese courses is inseparable from the concerted efforts of Chinese teachers and volunteers in the month of August.

Chinese language course project enrollment have won praise repeatedly from the Texas Southern University Vice President Dr. Charles McClelland who also led Tex-as Southern University men's basketball team to China to participate in the competi-tion, which gave him a strong interest in China.

After one month of enrollment, the students of Texas Southern University are passionate about Chinese learning. Texas South University Confucius Institute is still willing to consult the students who have questions about China and the courses. Some students said that they would immediately abandon a course to choose a Chinese class, while others explain this semester they need to delay regis-tration because of the task of credits, there are more students willing to learn the ancient language of the East, willing to open their minds to accept the different cultures of the East.