Texas Southern University Confucius Institute’s development of social media marketing

September 15, 2017

With robust development of Chinese teaching and cultural activities at Texas Southern University Confucius Institute (hereinafter referred to as TSUCI) and the continued development of Chinese activities, it takes full advantage of new social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website as well as conventional media outlets such as website, newspaper to reach a wider audience base and update information of TSUCI’s work such as student enrollment, cultural activities, community services and so on in a timely manner.

At present, our official homepage of social media outlets has reached hundreds of people, and the figure is still growing. Students from TSU, cooperative school districts and institutions and other people interested in Chinese actively interact with the homepage and commented on it. After the outbreak of hurricane Harvey, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute participated actively in post-disaster relief, which got wide coverage from many media outlets such as World Celebrity Network, Confucius Institute headquarters official and TSU school journal and had a far-reaching impact. Also the HISD school district official account and TSU forwarded our Twitter newsletter and spoke highly of the positive impact of each school district in Houston.

In addition to actively developing new media, TSUCI continues to maintain contact with traditional media. During the last semester, a number of cultural courses and activities, including cooking course, have received abundant coverage from local mainstream newspapers.

TSU Confucius Institute has been always committed to creating a good ‘Chinese business card’ and spreading Chinese language and culture. With unremitting efforts, it has become the most influential Confucius Institute in Houston.