TSUCI attended the opening ceremony of Sunshine Classroom in Consulate-General of People’s republic of China in Houston.

September 2, 2017

At 4:30 pm ,September 2, 2017, Chinese President Yi Xiao of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute(TSUCI) with volunteer teacher Yawen Cao, Zhijie Ren participated in the opening ceremony of Sunshine Class in Consulate-General in Houston. TSUCI has maintained a long-term teaching cooperation with Consulate-General in Houston, providing Chinese courses for Consulate-General’s families. Invited by the Consulate-General ,TSUCI members has been cordially received by the Consulate-General leadership, representatives of education group and members of Sunshine Classroom.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Yichuan consul, Vice Consul General Hongmei Liu made the opening speech which thanked all who have been supportive to the Sunshine Classroom, especially Texas Southern University Confucius institute.She said that the establishment of Sunshine Classroom is a key step toward standardisation in Embassy’s Chinese courses.Then, the principal of Sunshine Classroom made the speech,introducing the process of establishing Sunshine Classroom as well as the hardware and software facilities they already have. Chinese President Xiao Yi expressed thanks to the Consulate General for theirs’ support to the Confucius Institute. After introducing the development of TSUCI, she insisted on the determination to work together in the future, continue to spread Chinese language and culture.

At last,the students at Sunshine Classroom act colorful artistic performances for the audience , including martial arts, dancing, singing, piano, Hulusi, drums, which all left a deep impression on everyone and won a lot of applause. The song "social commitment” which under the guidance of TSUCI teachers,highlighting the beauty of Ancient Chinese Literature, spreading the Chinese traditional virtue, got everyone's praise.

Texas Southern University Confucius Institute has always been making great efforts in spreading Chinese culture and help Chinese children in foreign countries to enhance their Chinese skills.