TSU successfully held 2017 Summer Camp in China

May 23, 2017

On May 23,19 students from Texas South University, accompanied by Dr. Roger Hart, president TSUCI, Yi Xiao, Chinese director of TSUCI, director assistance Bryant Chamliss as well as two Chinese teachers arrived in Beijing Capital International Airport after 12 hours of flight and their two-week summer camp in China formally kicked off. All students had learnt Chinese in TSU for half a year or longer and came to China to improve their Chinese skills. Despite the fatigue after long-distance flight, they got on the bus sent by Bejing Jiaotong University with excitement.

On arrival, the students and teachers were warmly received by the teacher Fengjiao Bai and the student Ying Guo from the International Education Exchange Center of Beijing Jiaotong University teacher. The night of May 23th, Mr. Yanqing Liu and Jie Tan, director and vice director of the International Education Exchange Center invited the students and teachers to dinner to give them a big welcome. The students spoke highly of the Chinese dishes very much, especially Beijing roasted duck.

All the students lived in the student apartment of Beijing Jiaotong University and got ready for the learning activities in the next two weeks.

In order to help students better understand and integrate into China's culture, the International Education Exchange Center assigned experienced teachers such as Yue Gong to give Chinese courses. The good interaction between teachers and students and the teachers’ rich teaching experience have yielded positive outcomes. The students participated in class activities passionately and after class took advantage of every opportunity to practice Chinese by talking to their Chinese classmates and dorm superintendent.In the morning of May 28, 2017,the students participated in the HSK examination to test their Chinese learning in the past few weeks.

Chinese kung fu has always been a big appeal to foreign students. In the few weeks, under the guidance of the teacher Fenglan Wu, the students learned Tai Chi enthusiastically and expressed their determination to further practicing it after returning to the U.S.

Holding summer camps for three years consecutively since the summer of 2014, Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University select excellent students in Chinese course to study and experience Chinese culture in China. This project is a proof of TSUCI’s efforts to promote the Sino-US cultural exchanges.