TSUCI’s Pre-Post Training in 2017 Fall.

August 18, 2017

Local time 10am on August 18, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute(referred to TSUCI) held Chinese teacher training. Dr. Roger Hart(TSUCI Foreign director) and Prof. Xiao Yi(TSUCI Chinese director), Chinese teachers Lina Fa, Xiaobin Hu, and volunteers Yabao Wang, Yawen Cao, Zhijie Ren, Chenxi Du, Zhen Zhou, Zhuo Li, Ying Yin, Yu Wang, Bo Wang, Heng Zhang, Pengle Qi, Yishu Che, a total of 16 people participated in the training.

TSUCI is famous for its high-quality courses, meetings, activities and excellent Chinese teachers are its business card. In recent years, the local influence has increased rapidly. An increasing number of primary and secondary schools expect to offer Chinese courses and hope to cooperate with us. A month ago, TSUCI welcomed a number of new Chinese teachers sent from the government and Chinese volunteer teachers . To enable the new teachers to adapt to the Chinese language classes as soon as possible and to integrate into the development and construction of TSUCI, TSUCI conducted this pre-post training.

This training mainly covers seven topics: the current development of TSUCI, syllabus and curriculum design, classroom teaching skills, classroom rules and management, Chinese cultural courses, teaching resources and cultural activities.

Roger Hart emphasizes cultural differences between China and the United States. First of all, he suggested "do as the Romans do". Then he shared a period of experience of his learning Chinese in China.

Lina Fa, introduced the situation of Chinese teaching of TSUCI and the syllabus. Dr. Roger Hart emphasized the importance of the outline, for the it can be used as a text basis to deal with some management issues. Then the issue of designing homework was discussed.

Chinese volunteer Yabao Wang focused on teaching poetry recitation, singing and martial arts and other talent class classroom teaching skills, taking Houston Huaxia Chinese School as example, and combining her own experience. She mentioned that the points system was the general requirement for the smooth teaching of herself.

Chinese volunteer Chenxi Du shared her effective classroom management skills combining with her successful experience and failed lessons. "Not babysitter or mom! Business is business." which Roger Hart strongly agrees with. Dr.Roger said that double relationship is a taboo in the United States. Teachers are not supposed to get along with students as friends, because this will make classroom distraction.

Yawen Cao is responsible for the teaching of Chinese cultural courses. She provided various Chinese cultural teaching skills based on her own calligraphy classes, painting classes, clay lessons and crafts lessons. Some of the teaching skills were discuss. The brainstorming provided a lot of ideas for the future teaching work.

The volunteer Zhijie Ren shared with many sites, mobile APPs, computer applications, corpus and other teaching resources. Ren Zhijie said: As a Chinese teacher, our teaching resources can not always be gotten from ten years ago or even twenty years ago. In addition, teachers can introduce students to see what Chinese children are listening to and watching, such as TFboys.

In the end, Prof. Xiao Yi, the Chinese director, introduced the activities of various festivals, thematic events, cultural activities, Chinese Bridge, Confucius Open Day and other activities of the Confucius Institute at the Southern University of Texas. Professor Xiao Yi came up to what Chinese teachers in TSUCI need to work hard. Professor Xiao Yi said that only when more local people know the Confucius Institute excellent courses, excellent activities, can Confucius Institute improve its influence, and will more people be willing to learn Chinese language and to understand the real China. Our goal is to create a strong and excellent Confucius Institute in the southern United States.

The pre-post training provided newly appointed teachers and volunteers with energy. The collision of old and new teachers ideas and brainstorming also brought new ideas to everyone. On account of the TSUCI is in the period of rapid development, all of the Chinese teachers and volunteers are responsible. Everyone is hopeful for the future development of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute this new academic year.