Closing Ceremony of the Chinese Cooking Class.

May 04, 2017

On the afternoon of April 26th, the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University successfully held the closing ceremony of the first phase of Chinese cooking class. The ceremony was hosted by Dr. Roger Hart, Director of Confucius Institute. More than 30 people accompanied the Confucius Institute staff and students for the closing ceremony.

Before the ceremony began, students were divided into groups of five,each of which was responsible for making a Chinese dish for all guest in attendance.Over the course of five weeks, students learned how to make famous Chinese dishes such as: Kung Pao Chicken,General Tsao’s chicken,salt pepper shrimp, Mapo tofu and Yangzhou-styled fried rice under the guidance of the experienced chef Dezhong Ding.

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Roger Hart and chef Dezhong Ding congratulated the students on completing the course and issued each student a certificate of completion. Master Ding spoke highly of the students’ efforts in learning Chinese cuisine and encouraged them to participate in the cooking course next semester. In addition,Dr. Roger Hart also presented certificates of instruction to teachers Ding Dezhong and Weng Haosi in recognition of their contribution to the Chinese cooking course.

After the issuance of certificates, the guests prepared themselves to taste the meals prepared by the students.The guest clamored over the combination of colour,fragrance and taste of the different Chinese cuisines.

The cooking class was a new attempt by TSUCI to spread Chinese culture in the spring semester of 2017. In addition to Chinese cooking, the Confucius Institute also introduced martial arts, painting, calligraphy, chess, and origami classes.These cultural courses developed an enthusiasm of learning Chinese language and culture to the student body. In the fall of 2017, TSUCI will add traditional Chinese music and dance to establish a long-lasting and popular cultural brand.