Texas Southern University Confucius Institute successfully held its first ‘Confucius Institute Cup’ Chinese Talent Competition.

April 17, 2017

On the morning of April 17th, the first ‘Confucius Institute Cup’ Chinese Talent Competition was held in Student Center at Texas Southern University. The Chinese president, Professor Xiao Yi, the Chinese teacher and Yue Zhang acted as judges of the competitor with Li Ming as the coordinator of volunteer teachers in America the special guest.

The school set up are made up of three groups: primary school , secondary school and university group. Twelve students were from three teaching points of Confucius Institute of Texas Southern University including Park High School, Ball High School, Global Learning Village and Our school. After three minutes of Chinese speech, students were also able to perform a Chinese talent. The four things measured were the Chinese level, stage posture, comprehensive performance and other criteria for scoring.

The time for the 12 students in the field to learn Chinese is from one year to four years, they will use the Chinese expression of the love of China and China's longing, also to show their own talent. Jourdyn Wilson (Jourdyn Wilson) accompanied by Guo Caijie's "still love you" presented a beautiful Chinese dance. He Nicole (Nikole Hernandez) sung “little star", Chinese student Leon for everyone to read a "Return home even book", cadence of the melody to reproduce a strong homesickness. Four elementary school students from Global Learning Village took turns to sing songs such as "Beijing Welcomes You", "Little Apple", "Thanksgiving Heart", the pronunciation of the word is round, the emotion and the action in place of the students with the teacher chorus, the talent of the game to the climax of the atmosphere.

Finally, Jourdyn Wilson of the university group, Melanie Martinez of the middle school group and Daniel Williams of the elementary school group won the first prize for their excellent performance. Jourdyn Wilson on behalf of the Southern University of Texas Confucius Institute to go to Dallas to participate in the Houston area of the Chinese bridge contest, in order to strive for greater honor.

In addition to the traditional Excellence first Award, second and third prize of the competition were awarded to the Global Learning Village Zhang Ling teacher, Zhou Wei teacher, Wang Rong teacher and the Texas southern university Confucius Institute four volunteer teachers Han Xiaomeng, Zhang Mingchi, Liu Yuanjing, and Bai Tianxuan were all awarded the title of "Excellent Instructor Award" and Park High School, Ball High School, Global Learning Village was awarded the medal with "Excellent Organization Award". The Chinese and foreign chiefs of the Confucius Institute and Li Ming presented the prizes, medals and customized souvenirs for the award-winning students and teachers.

At the end of his speech, Roger Hart, Dean of the Faculty of Confucius Institute, spoke his own 30 years of Chinese learning experience as an example to encourage students to seize the key knowledge of the language and participate with perseverance to learn Chinese. He also said that the Confucius Institute will continue to send the best teachers and teaching resources to these teaching points, and will also continue to organize activities like the talent competition and the summer camp in China to provide students with more opportunities to train with Chinese.