‘Confucius Institute Cup’ Chinese Talent Competition.

April 17, 2017

The first ‘Confucius Institute Cup’ Chinese Talent Competition was held in Student Center at Texas Southern University. The Chinese Director, Professor Xiao Yi, and Chinese teacher Yue Zhang acted as judges for the competition.

The competitors were separated into three groups: elementary school, high school,and university level students. Students who participated in the competition came from Confucius Classrooms across HISD. Participating schools were: Park High School, Ball High School, Global Learning Village, TSU. The competition consisted of three minutes Chinese oral skills and Chinese talent. Judges rated each student on stage posture and comprehensive performance.

Jourdyn Wilson from TSU, Melanie Martinez of the middle school group, and Daniel Williams of the elementary school group won the first prize for their excellent performance. Jourdyn Wilson on behalf of TSUCI, and went on to Dallas to participate in the regional Chinese bridge contest, to test her skills against college students throughout the state of Texas.

Dr. Roger Hart, Director of the Confucius Institute, spoke on his 30 years of Chinese learning experience to encourage students to seize opportunity to learn the Mandarin language. He also said that the Confucius Institute will continue to send the best teachers and teaching resources to these teaching points, and will also continue to organize activities like the talent competition and the summer camp in China to provide students with more opportunities to train with Chinese.