TSUCI hosted the Han Ban Book Fair in the Tenth National Chinese Conference Chinese Teaching Resources Exhibition.

April 6-8, 2017

From April 6 to 8, 2017, the 10th China National Congress of the Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban was held in Houston with the American Council of Universities and the Asian Associa-tion. The Confucius Institute at the Southern University of Texas (TSUCI) is located in the center of Houston and is entrusted by the Hanban Exchange Office to assume the mission of the Hanban Book Fair. This is also the first time that Hanban Book Fair is borne by the local Confucius Insti-tute. All the staff of Confucius Institute of Texas Southern University take full participation in decorating, showing the booth and conducting a survey for Hanban.

Hanban Book Fair is simply stunning with its evident geographical features. It dwells on the sec-ond floor of the Houston Hilton Hotel. Han Book Fair is approximately 600 square meters on the second floor of the D exhibition hall immersed to the back of the room. Considering it is the largest booth, it covers an area of 36 square meters of Han exhibition. There are white bookshelves accom-panied with white lights that beam and reflect against the entire background, magnifying the green and transparency. Overall, the scenery is regal, elegant, and tranquil. The signage on the photos are also white and green impacting the serene atmosphere. In great efforts to successfully execute Han-ban’s request, TSUCI completed art designs, poster designs, book preparations, power and sound equipment placements, and constructed several meetings to discuss and coordinate the multi-resources. The diligence, in exchange for the recognition of visitors, many people come to visit that this is the best beautiful Han book exhibition.

In the elegant environment, Hanban booth exhibits a wide range of resources , including the latest Chinese textbooks, supporting digital resources, Chinese culture books. These resources come from the Confucius Institute American Center, Beijing Language University Press, Higher Education Press and the collection of Confucius Institute. In addition, in order to highlight the characteristics of Chinese culture, the exhibition area also set up a calligraphy and paper cutting stand on the left and on the right,showing the visitors the charm of Chinese traditional art.

During the three days of the National Chinese Congress, the teaching resources exhibition was open to the public, with many participants visiting the Hanban exhibition area.Some of them are Chinese teachers from all over China and the United States, and others are people interested in Chi-nese. Ninety percent of the visitors indicated that they had participated or known the volunteer teacher programs of the Hanban and recognized that the Hanban is active in promoting cultural ex-changes between China and the United States. After carefully reviewing the materials of the exhibi-tion, they also said that Hanban exhibited diverse themes of Chinese textbooks and Chinese cultural books ,which are very suitable for teachers and students to use in the real Chinese classrooms. At the same time, they made good suggestions about how to cater to the needs needs of the Chinese language teaching in the United States and hoped that their advice would be adopted in the future of teaching materials design and exhibitions.

The teaching resources exhibition is the first time the Hanban for the first layout of the booth, the reception of the work entrusted to the local Confucius Institute, deputy director of the Han Dynas-ty Jing Wei, Han Office of the United States Department Director Tian Shifang, Henan Hanban Xu Hengzhen director unanimously praised the University of Texas South Confucius Institute’s role in the success of the exhibition . This is inseparable from the hard work of all the staff of Confucius Institute. They not only come to the exhibition hall in advance to decorate the booth ,welcomed the guests at the reception desk but also helped Hanban to conduct a survey about the feedback of for-eign readers and publishing house on the teaching materials.

Texas Southern University has been committed to participating in and organising various cultural events, promoting Chinese culture and expanding the influence of Confucius Institutes.