Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University participates in Chinese teaching workshops

March 25, 2017

Local time on March 25 Saturday morning, the second session of Texas A&M University Confucius Institute Chinese teaching workshop has been opened on A&M campus. Professor Yi Xiao, leading all of Chinese teachers and volunteers participated this events. Dr. Zhou Hong, Dean of the Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University, and Dr. Randy Kluver, Dean of Foreign Affairs, gave a brief speech. He hoped that through the teaching workshop, he would promote the sharing and exchange of Chinese teaching experience in the area of Texas and improve the level of Chinese teaching.

In the morning, three professors with theoretical and practical experiences shared lectures on some of the topics at the forefront of teaching. Professor Guo Lizhen of Texas A & M University gave a speech, which is based on the theme of science projects. It is suggested that teachers should use high technology to provide students with meaningful and meaningful cooperative situations. She took the LEGO toy project as an example, to show the students how to learn the color, shape, indicator language, application language in the process of cooperation. Prof. Shi Weidong from the Texas A&M University shared the experience of teaching Chinese characters to students at the beginning of the year, emphasizing the principles of the first language and the rule of law. He also showed the teaching of Chinese lessons. Through the first language to strengthen the oral study, and then the structure of Chinese characters, stroke and the use of practice teaching methods, students can be in the semester five weeks before the fluent spoken and sentence patterns, and in the late term to consolidate the basis of Chinese characters. Professor Ye Meng, who from Rice University, takes a new perspective of critical thinking and takes the difference between Chinese and American cultural context as an example. It is suggested that teachers should reflect on the existing teaching materials in language classroom teaching and provide Chinese students with Chinese culture The real corpus, improve the level of student communication.

Demonstration of the Confucius Institute at Texas Southern University, Han Xiaomeng, Zhang Mingchi, Bai Tianxuan and Wang Yabao gave a lecture in connection with the teaching experience. Zhang Mingchi on the use of digital equipment to ask questions, and that can achieve real-time seamless data sharing and updates, which is difficult to do with traditional pen and paper. Wang Ya Bao and Zhang Mingchi share their teaching strategies of Chinese characters, and expresses the identity of Professor Shi's perspective.

After the end of the meeting, the foreign director of Texas A&M University Confucius Institute Dr. Randy Kluver, Professor Guo Lizhen and Confucius Institute teachers, volunteers communicate. Teachers' Volunteers at Texas Southern University have taught advanced teaching ideas and teaching methods from this teaching workshop and have a further understanding and understanding of the current situation of Chinese teaching in the Houston area.