The opening ceremony of TSU Confucius Institute fuelled the enthusiasm for Chinese cuisine

March 23, 2017

On March 23th, the Confucius Institute at the Southern University of Texas held the opening ceremony of Chinese cooking class with the support of the Chinese Consulate in Houston and the local Chinese restaurant Jinjiang Restaurant. Dr.Maddox, Dean of the Southern University of Texas, Long Jie, Educational Counselor of China, Wang Yi, Education Consul, and more than 300 faculty and students at the school attended the opening ceremony.

In the opening ceremonies, the exquisite Chinese dishes including carved watermelon , dragon and phoenix,Kung Pao Chicken,General Tao’s chicken,Salt Pepper shrimp ,Yangzhou -styled fried rice are lined in a row.Guests were excited to learn from Chinese people at the same table to use chopsticks,and were interested in learning the pronunciation of Chinese words "tofu" "chicken" Chinese. When dining, they frequently thumbed up and many people signed up for cooking classes on the spot.

McDowell commended in his speech that Confucius Institute has been the backbone of cultural exchanges between China and the United States. In addition to providing a high level of Chinese classes, the Confucius Institute for the first time opened a series of Chinese culture courses including cooking, handmade, painting, martial arts and chess. He firmly believes that by integrating culture and language ,it will enable American students to understand China in a vivid way.

The cooking class lasting for six weeks, was instructed by the Chef Dengzhong Ding from Jinjiang restaurant Specializing in Huaiyang cuisine, Chef Dinghas more than 40 years of cooking experience and has its own food program in the United States South TV.As an authentic local celebrity food star,he is very keen on the strong platform of Confucius Institute and hopes to achieve a win-win cooperation and expand the influence of Chinese food.

The event is so influential that is reported by various news agency including China Daily, China News Agency, the South US TV.