Confucius Institute of Texas Southern University ignited 12th Annual Health &Education Carnival

March 4, 2017

U.S time March 4, the 12th Annual Health &Education Carnival opened in the Sunnyside park,with Texas Southern University ,The TSU Confucius Institute and the other 45 booths providing interesting cultural activities and receiving a total of 800 local primary and middle school students and families.Tge Director of the Confucius Institute, Professor Xiao Yi,the visiting professor Lina Fa,the Chinese Volunteer Teachers Xiaomeng Han ,Yuanjing Liu,Yabao Wang,Zhijie Ren,Yawen Cao,Mingchi Chang ,Chenxi Du,Tianxuan Bai participated in this event.

At Sunday 9 am, the president of the University of the South Texas Dr. A. Austin Lane came to the booth greeting the teachers of Confucius Institute. He also remarked that the Texas Southern University has been always been a strong backbone of Foreign Language department and always been dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture and Sino-US cultural exchanges. Professor Xiao Yi of Confucius Institute said the Confucius Institute has been committed to reaching and interacting with the local community and will continue to actively participate in such activities.

Pic1. The TSU President Dr. A. Austin Lane took photo with the Confucius Institute staff

Since 9:30,the staff of each booth continued to arrive and the park trails soon was piled with colourful tents of various shapes including horse riding, rock climbing, face painting, opera and basketball. Texas Southern University Museum, as one sponsor also provides two booths:13th booth of watercolor painting and 14th booth of Jewelry Production.Next to it, The Confucius Institute Staff decorated the 12th booth. Two red lanterns fluttered in the wind,a small chalkboard showed clearly all the activities at the day. Each group of volunteer teachers were also prepared for their work: chopsticks competitions,writing Chinese names,riddles and taking photos with Panda.

Pic2.The TSU Confucius Institute Staff decorated the booth

From Ten o'clock, curious children began to swell the booth and actively involved in every activity. Some children were guided by Yabao Wang and Mingchi Zhang to conscientiously study the use of chopsticks, and compete with their partners. Some children got their Chinese names written by Professor Xiao Yi and was surprised to see their English letters turning into characters. Some children took photos with the panda played by the Kung Fu teacher Zhijie Ren and eagerly cried out ‘This is the real Kung Fu Panda!’ All of the booth visitors have expressed their love for close contact with the Chinese cultural elements.

Pic 3.The children took photos with the panda Pic4.Director of TSU Confucius Institute Xiao Yi wrote Chinese names for the visitors Pic5.The visitors learned to use chopsticks

The carnival was launched by American Congressman Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee and sponsored by some academic institutions such as Texas Southern University, NASA spaceflight project.These classic activities,held for 12 years are aimed to enrich the amateur life of children raging between 4 to 14 years old children and increase knowledge of Science, Health Education .The same morning, the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Congressman Al Green also visited the carnival as special guests,committed to maintain the brand campaign and providing the community residents with colourful cultural activities.

pic6.The Houston major Sylvester Turner visited the carnival