August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016, Texas Southern University (TSU) held a study abroad exhibit in the school museum, there are many countries which from four continents that participated in the exhibition, such as Ireland, France, Spain. TSUCI as a representative of China was invited to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibit attracted a large number of TSU students. The exhibit was divided into two parts, one was lectures about the International programs, the other was a booth. During the lecture, the lecturer introduced TSU's study program and study route for students. When the lecturer asked the students which country they would like to visit, China is always the first to be raised by the students.

Another part of the exhibition is the booth of each country, each country's booth style is different with its own characteristics. The Chinese Confucius Institute booth was decorated Chinese style by volunteer. Many students were attracted by the Confucius Institute booth and the China Summer Trip program.