TSUCI held a lectures on the History of Chinese Women 's Liberation

March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016, Rice University famous female expert Tani Barlow receipted the invitation of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, made a special academic report for the university students on the "history of Chinese women's liberation". The report presented by Roger Hart, Foreign Director of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute and Director of the Department of History; Dr. Gregory H. Maddox, Dean of the Graduate School of the Southern University, Dr. Nikki Taylor, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities as well as teachers and students of Confucius Institute and College of Humanities attended the event.

Dr. Tani Barlow is a Distinguished Professor of History at Rice University and an outstanding Sinologist. During the lecture, she introduced the history of International Women's Day and the process of Chinese women's self-liberation and self-awareness. Dr. Tani Barlow took Qiu jin (a famous Chinese woman revolutionary) and other revolutionary women's clothing as an example, to explain the modern Chinese women putting on a short, convenient and men's characteristics of the clothes, in order to pursue the equal rights of men and women. Her lecture is brilliant and easy to understand, which attracting the teachers and students’ eyes.