The Chinese elements of the Texas Southern University campus

April 20, 2016

Established in 1925, Texas Southern University is located in Houston, Texas. It has more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, a diverse faculty, and over 80 student organizations.

There are more than 10,000 undergraduates and graduate students from all over the world, and over 1,500 faculty members. Numerous alumni have become agents of change in the local, US and international arenas. The campus is 150 acres, and has a beautiful environment.

Texas Southern University is one of the largest Historically Black Universities in American history. Although the initial construction of education serviced African-Americans, but today, Texas Southern University has become the most diverse university in Texas and has one of the largest ethnic minority teachers and students. The University also offers unique advantages in the humanities education, sports performance.

Texas Southern University Confucius Institute is the only Confucius Institute established in ethnic Minorities College. It has an important cultural and historical mission. TSUCI is dedicated to disseminating Chinese language and culture. It has been promoting the cooperation and exchange of science and education between China and the United States. It also assists Beijing Jiaotong University and Texas Southern University to communicate with each other in all subjects.