“Flag Raising Ceremony”

August 25, 2016

August 25, 2016, coincided with the opening of the semester, Texas Southern University Confucius Institute (TSUCI) was invited to attend the flag-raising ceremony at the International Student Affairs Center. Foreign students and staff from ten different countries (China, Cameroon, Nigeria, India, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Bahamas, Qatar) raised their national flags at the ceremony. Dr. Roger Hart, Director of the Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, Dr. Yi Xiao, Chinese Director of Texas Southern University Confucius Institute, visiting professor Lina Fa, Volunteer Xiaomeng Han and Yuanjing Liu were invited to watch the flag-raising ceremony. To reflect the characteristics of the various countries, students and staff of various countries attended in national costumes.

This is the grandest international event since the new semester began. The success of the event shows that the school’s expectations and support wants to strengthen the internationalization of the campus.

The representative of international students opened the event with a speech. As an international student the international environment on campus helped ease his tension and anxiety. With the help of the International Student Affairs Office, he became acquainted with many more local and international students from various countries. He was quickly integrated into the local life and learning environment. He believes that the school’s efforts for strengthening the international friendliness of the campus are essential. Many of the audience have international backgrounds and his speech had a strong resonance with them.

The Flag-raising ceremony officially began, accompanied by the introduction of each country; each country's students raised their national flags. At that moment, they smiled full of pride and fulfillments.

The Texas Southern University Confucius Institute (TSUCI), founded by Beijing Jiaotong University and Southern Texas University, has been dedicated to disseminating Chinese culture on campus and enriching the campus's international cultural environment. Texas Southern University Confucius Institute sincerely hopes that with the school staff and international organizations as well as the joint efforts of students, Texas Southern University will be more international.